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By now, you’ve heard, read, and even practiced exercises that focus on the core. The benefits of their workouts are many, and you probably already thought that the next workout you will not miss the classic abdominal exercises, thinking that this way you will strengthen them and work, but stop for a second. Are you lying in those exercises? It’s time to change your core training to be more dynamic and effective, and of course not spending more time with back support anywhere.

Of course, more than once you finished your workout, took the checkmate and started doing squats. If you are a runner and read to us often, you should already know that to work in the mid zone it is best to integrate and engage your muscles in our exercises, always starting from the basics, that it is best to train the whole core and not the rectus abdominis. in a more isolated way. If we also manage to engage more muscle groups and improve our dynamic balance and proprioception, better than better.

The core (central core) is made up of all the muscles around the abdomen, not just the muscles in the front (abdominals), but also the lumbar, including the spinal and gluteal joints .. Its good workout is almost a must for runners as it is a fundamental area , from which the strength is born, which we transfer to each step during the race. A strong core guarantees an improvement in overall strength and prepares us for more stress (km, race pace, etc.). A strong core helps us reduce injuries from poor running technique, and this is where the one who is free from sin throws the first stone. Finally, a strong core is able to transfer more force to the lower and upper limbs.

1. Z with wall support

This exercise, which involves flexing the knee and very interesting work for our quadriceps muscles, is a sensational alternative to the classic quadriceps machine stretch, and of course also involves the core in a very significant and intense way. Worse yet, it improves our dynamic balance and proprioception and is easy to do because you only need one wall.

  • Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

2. Vertical arm path

In this exercise, the goal is for our arms to move along the wall and our knees to be extended. If you want more intensity, avoid hitting the ground when bending.

  • Do 3 sets of 5 ascents until knees are fully extended.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

3. Triceps bar extension

Hands play a more important role than you think about racing, and therefore, in addition to the core, with this iron you will be working this area of ​​the body. Note that the forearms should be fully supported against the wall during maximum elbow flexion. Remember to keep your body upright at all times, avoiding hip or knee flexion.

  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps and note that the lower the incline, the more stiff the exercise and vice versa.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

4. Wall plate

With this exercise, we are working on all the forces of the upper body, and also using all the main muscles. It is important to avoid hip rotation when we are on three supports. If you can keep your hip parallel to the ground, the main job will be much more efficient, as well as its benefits.

  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

5. Diagonal iron cube

Exercise aimed at improving coordination, strength of the transverse region of the abdomen, trunk and, of course, the entire core. You should imagine that a square is drawn on the wall the size of your wingspan, and you should change the support of your arms so that they alternately pass through all corners of the cube. Remember, you must maintain an upright back position, avoiding hip rotation and flexion as we subtract supports.

  • Make 3 sets of 3 supports in each corner

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

6. Dynamic pine

Upside down is itself a problem for the core, spine stabilizers, and shoulder girdle. With the movement of the legs, the exercise becomes much more intense, and this is due to the greater involvement of large muscles such as the gluteus maximus, quadriceps and the entire trunk musculature. In addition, the type of exercise adds high intensity anaerobic activity that benefits you in your daily life as a runner.

  • Do 3 sets of 5 “ascents” and 5 “descents”.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

7. Inverted Jumping

Who said that you cannot work with the core with more intensity and dynamism? This exercise is successful and also gives you sensational workouts for all the muscles in your upper body, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. It is important that your shoulder girdle is always active, remember to join the shoulder blades and have strong shoulders.

  • Perform 3 sets of 10 jumps on each side.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical

Rotation of the hip in stride position

To complete our routine, we’re going to do this exercise, which will improve our dynamic balance, ankle strength, and of course, strengthen all of the major muscles. If we can do it barefoot, better than better. Do 3 sets of 10 rotations on each side.

  • If you are using the toe lift version only do 5 on each side, remember that this is more intense and increases strength in twins and solo.

Yo entreno en casa / Día 10 : Core vertical0

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